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What types of photography services do you offer?
We offer 1) business branding sessions and headshots, 2) event photography, 3) graduating senior sessions, and 4) mission photography. We specialize in bold color, real emotion, and natural light to create stunning visual stories.
Where are you based, and how far will you travel?
We're based in Bulverde, TX, and yes, I love to travel anywhere in the state of Texas! If you want me to photograph a story that is a 25+ mile drive, there is a travel fee based on the distance (the farther the distance, the higher the cost). I always try to find the cheapest way to come, because I don't want distance to be a limiting factor for any client!
What is required to book a session?
You’ll need to complete a brief welcome call or in-person meet-up, a signed contract, and pay a 50% retainer...and you're on my calendar! If we need to reschedule for any reason, that retainer still applies to your new date. However, if you cancel the session altogether, you lose the retainer. This is because once you're on my calendar, we're turning down other potential clients for that day and rescheduling team members.
How do we choose a location?
I have a wide range of locations that I visit frequently, so I can help you choose one based on your style and personality, (open fields, river, urban, industrial, greenery, floral, etc.)
How will we receive our images?
You will be emailed a link to your private client gallery, where you can view, favorite, download, and share your images with family and friends, and order professional prints.
When will we receive our images (turnaround time)?
You can expect your gallery to be ready to view in 2-3 weeks during off-season (January-February and July-August), and 4-6 weeks during peak season (March-June and September-December).
How many images will we receive?
You can expect to receive the top 10% of whatever I shoot. Sessions do vary on complexity, but I always prioritize on quality over quantity! Part of the expertise you’re paying for is me knowing which lighting, locations, and set ups work best, so we’ll foster the conditions for quality images to unfold organically.
Can we preview the images before they are finalized?
Yes! This collaboration not only allows clients to share their input on the final product without overwhelming them with hundreds of images, but also speeds up turnaround time! After I discard duplicate or missed photos, I upload low-res, watermarked draft images from which you can choose your favorites.
What kind of image retouching do you do?
I seek out great lighting and find your best side, but your images will look similar to what it looked like the day of the shoot. I'll retouch anything that would be gone in a week, like pimples, scratches, or bruises, but if you want a spray tan or a virtual face lift, I am not your photographer.
What printing rights do you provide?
Whether your images are for personal or commercial use, you will receive a digital image license, so you can print your artwork where and how you like. Visit the Print Store to buy artwork seamlessly and securely from our professional printing labs, all directly within your online gallery.
Do you offer mini sessions?
No. I feel mini sessions (typically 15-20 minutes) don't give sufficient time to connect with my client. This connection is my secret sauce to help you relax and open up, forget the camera, and reveal your personality.
What about bad weather?
I'm always prepared for bad weather! Heavy rain or dense fog may drive us inside, but I use a hyper-local weather app that tracks rain moment to moment, and I will contact you ahead of time if we need to change the session time or date.