Client Gallery

Welcome to the Client Gallery, where you can review your images! Whether you login as a guest or a client, you must enter your email address and the provided, case-sensitive password to access your private gallery. This password would have been emailed to you in advance. Please let me know if you have questions, if you are having trouble with logging in, or sharing, downloading, or favoriting your images.

How to Use Your Favorites List

  1. Sign into your gallery using your email address and provided password. Your Favorites list you will create (and the Store cart) is linked to your email address.
  2. Scroll through your images in the main grid view, or click on any image for close-up view.
  3. To create a Favorites List, click the Heart icon and enter your email. (If you’d like a friend to help choose Favorites, they can sign into the gallery with your email but enter their own email to create a Favorites list.)
  4. After you created your Favorites List, click the Heart icon again (now has a circle notification symbol over the Heart icon) and then click to open your Favorites list. Once inside the Favorites List, you'll see the list name, how many images you selected, and your email.
  5. Click the Speech Bubble icon to add any notes.
  6. Click the Paper Airplane icon to Send to Photographer.