Got writer's block for your online review?

Here are some writing prompts and an example review under 50 words to get you started on writing a killer Google Review. Try answering the following questions:

  • What service or product did you invest in?
  • What did you think of your experience?
  • Why do you think this? (Give a specific example.)
  • Explain how the products and services impacted you

Here are some topics you can touch on:

  • Quality
  • Professionalism
  • Communication
  • Value
  • Reliability
  • Timeliness

Finally, here's an example of a short-and-sweet review, which is under 50 words, but still paints a picture for anyone looking into the reviewed business.

★★★★★ Best Coffee Place in Houston!

Super friendly staff! Offers takeout coffee with pre-order, which is perfect for me before I drop off kids at school, plus pastries! I bought a French press from them after mine broke, and it works great.

By giving specific reasons and examples, answering questions like what, why, how, etc. and making it personal, you'll be able to express your experience with any product or service so more clients can find that business! Google not only promotes or demotes businesses based on the quantity of reviews, but also on how close to five stars a business ranks, so each review is critical for business owners and potential clients alike. So go forth and review business you have worked with!