Honduran Children with Pets


While on assignment in the villages outside Siguatepeque, Honduras, my favorite way to connect with kids was to ask to meet their dogs, cats, chickens, cows, horses, or pigs! Some really were pets, like adopted street dogs, but others were important sources of food. What made me smile the most was the smaller the child, the worse they were at holding their animal friends in a gentle way.

Honduran boy playing with his dog in a soccer field with mountain background
Honduran girl in school uniform smiling and cradling a striped kitten
Two boys and a girl from Honduras holding two puppies.  The puppy on the right is sniffing the puppy on the left.
Honduran girl kneeling next to a pig and resting her hand on his back. The pig is on a leash made of rope.
Five Honduran children standing in a grassy valley with two dogs on leashes.
A young girl from Honduras awkwardly holding a puppy
Two young brothers standing in a road hold a kitten and a puppy in their arms.
A teenaged girl from Honduras in a ponytail stands in a grassy valley, laughing and holding a small puppy.
Two Honduran schoolgirls holding a kitten and a puppy, so as to hold the puppy awkwardly in a temporary swayback posture
A shy young Honduran girl holding a small puppy and peeking out from behind a backpack
A young Honduran girl standing in a grassy valley holding a chicken
Five Honduran children sitting on a log together and holding two puppies in their laps
A Honduran girl smiling and holding a puppy above her head with her arms stretched up to the sky