Why German Shepherds?

Getting a German Shepherd puppy is what converted me to a dog person. Since Denver joined our family in 2021, I have had a constant editing companion and loving friend, and became that person who never stops talking about their dog. So I added German Shepherd portrait sessions to the services I offer, just so I can be around good puppers more often.

German Shepherds, which were bred for shepherding sheep, want a job and are happiest when they are at work. They are babysitters, guide dogs, police dogs, security dogs, and just friends that literally stay by your side and follow you from room to room. That kind of loyalty and love I just want to celebrate. So if you have a German Shepherd (or any dog, really), I would love to celebrate your friend with a professional photo session!


German Shepherd Portrait Sessions

Whether you're celebrating a new addition to your family or honoring your longtime buddy, you and your family will treasure these professional portraits of your German Shepherd forever. And dogs are invited to include their whole pack (human and animal both)! These images make amazing gifts, and sessions can be in-home or outdoors, depending on your dogs' comfort level.

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Pearl's Portrait Session

“The best birthday present! He absolutely loved all of them. He was impressed with every photo, and Amy almost cried.”

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